C1. DIPA / Orangumang


Welcome to our collaboration DIPA with our friends at Two Tribes  and The Orangutan Foundation (who will receive 10% of profits from the sales of this beer.)

On this page we have shared the workings and recipe for this beer, so you can see what was done in the brewery to get this beer made. We have also included a scaled down 21L home brew version and a Beersmith recipe file which you can dwonload HERE. So any of you out there with a all grain setup - feel free to have look through and fire up the brew kit at home.

The idea here was to make a big, bold Dipa. Strong and no-nonsense with bags of character but in a way that makes it totally palatable and invites you back for more. Easy right!

We started with a subtle but well-rounded malt bill to not get in the way of the interplay between hops and adjuncts. We then laid down a reasonable assertion of bitterness with the plan to offset this with huge doses of tropical, orange-fruit, juice-forward hops. We Double Dry Hopped the beer and accompanied this with orange zest in the FV and Mango Puree to Conditioning.

Then we let time take its hold and we conditioned this beer out to the point where it tasted just right. Kegs and cans at the ready we packaged it up and here it is. So please let us know how you think it turned out.

Perhaps you’ve already tried the beer and hopefully going through the info below will help to both understand the process and the component parts of the beer and how they affect the final outcome. Maybe theres something in there that you’d like to substitute, add or even remove. Your call.

The reason for this page is to share the knowledge and hopefully create a platform for people to learn and experiment from. Good luck and let us know how the beer comes out.

Cheers: L+F / Two Tribes Brewing.


For a more in-depth brewing instruction, we have generated a Beersmith recipe file which you can download HERE