After many months of careful planning, a few close shaves, lots of hard work, some well earned summer holidays and of course heaps of pilot brewing, we have arrived. Our first 2 releases are being packaged as I type and will be ready to greet the world with open arms this weekend.

Choosing which beers to launch with was both a difficult and enjoyable task. We knew we were always going to start with a Golden Pale Ale and got down to 2 quite easily but we had been through many iterations of the American Pale and between us, had unanimously differing opinions on which we would like to see make it out first.

We decided to cast the net wider and set up a great evening of blind (not drunk) tasting with a group of friends in the know. After 4 rounds of healthy debate and laughter, for better or for worse we made the call. 

It is tricky when you are so attached and involved. Every seemingly minor difference gets  scrutinised (and amplified) beyond comprehension. But make our subjective choice we did, and we stand proud knowing that we have made the best beer we possibly could. We really hope you enjoy the results and welcome all the feedback you care to share.

Finally we would like to say thank you to all the people that have helped us get to this point. It has been an incredible journey and there has been a lot of of open minded, selfless and genuinely caring people that have given both there time and love. 

So a huge thanks to:

Brendon, Claire, Gill, Guy, Jamie, Jeremy, Jonny, Julia, Mark, Nick, Paul, Sam, Sonia, Stu, Stuart, Rachel, Rebecca, eveyone@whitelabs and anyone else we may have forgot.

See you real soon.


chris angelkov