We have an overriding philosophy that guides our culture and sits at the heart of everything we do.

Simply put it is... To make the best contribution we possibly can to our industry, through pursuit of excellence in everything we do. To make beers that challenge and excite, hands-in-the-air-beer designed to delight. To keep experimenting and searching and never stand still. To always use the freshest, finest and most ethical ingredients we can obtain, in line with what mother nature demands. To share the love of this craft with as many people as we can. And of course, to have as much fun as possible along the way. This is why we brew after all!

We go about this manifesto in many ways, but it all stems from the earliest of days, when Lost+Found was a mere 5 gallon brew-lab finding its way in the world. Located in a townhouse garage in the heart of Brighton, we would brew and brew and then brew some more. Splitting and cascading batches as we went through the process, in order to find new and perfect combinations of malt, hops and yeast, with the aim of making fantastic beer we could stand behind and proudly share with our family of friends.  

Nothing has changed in that respect. The same applies today as it did in those fledgling days, late at night, fiddling with temperature controls on a hijacked hotpoint fridge. We still strive to push the boundaries of our craft. We still are on that intrepid journey of unlimited possibilities. We still ask the questions - what if we try this and this or even this! (no maybe not that)

We have the same approach to exploration now as we did then. The same commitment to creativity and precision. We hold the same values and still do what we know works best. We stay true to our beginnings and these early ideals. Which is why we continue to pilot brew and acid test every drop we create to let only the best of the best make it through to a commercial release.

Our commercial releases (R#'s) are the result of this explorative R&D. When we have a beer that we feel is too good to not share, then it makes it onto our larger 15BBL setup and eventually out into the public domain. Some times it stays around for a while but mostly we change it up. Keep moving and exploring and discovering.


Whatever way we go we will be certain of one thing. We are at on a fantastic journey and we would love you to support us and come along for the ride.